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Debut album 'Spot On' available now, freshly remixed and remastered by Dave Darlington!


Mind At Ease (official video)
Love's The fuel (official video)
Echoes Of Goodbye (recorded for IndieArtst)
Vigilante (recorded for Streamsonic)



Nathan's Brother purposely creates songs that are not 'larger than life' but rather have the intimacy of a band performing in your living room.

Starting of as a guitar and bass guitar player doing more and more vocals and occasionally using the piano to write songs, this eclectic musician from Haarlem in The Netherlands eventually took up drum and vocal lessons to become a true multi-instrumentalist.

After recording his debut album as a one-man-band, Nathan's Brother has since been seeking musical collaborations to achieve the liveliness of a true band.

Nathan’s Brother’s music can be classified as the music inside a single man’s head without being over-discussed and averaged out by multiple people wanting to have a say while still allowing for creative interpretation by like-minded collaborators, making it a collection of truly refreshing tunes that sonically explore the territory between Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic Rock and Indie-Folk.



Feel free to contact me at info at nathansbrother dot com or follow me on Instagram or Vevo: